Erectile Dysfunction or what we usually call “ED” in our terms, is the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse.

Do I have Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction can happen to anyone. Most of the time men experience this temporarily during stressful periods (like in times of anger, pain, frustration, sadness or lack of self confidence or insecurities). However, if it happens frequently, it can be a sign of an underlying health problem that needs attention. Don’t jump to conclusions after a bad night or two. Still, there’s a chance of it spiraling out of control. A couple of poor performances and you might become more self-conscious next time. That can make it worse.

You have to be vigilant in observing this, so you would know it at the earliest signs. But you CAN treat it. Acknowledge it, accept it and do something about it. Erectile Dysfunction doesn’t have to be permanent.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction

ED used to be something nobody would talk about. But it’s not nearly as uncommon as people think. Today, a variety of treatments are available. Three pills dominate the market today, each with their own pros and cons. Viagra is the most famous. You might recognize Cialis from the iconic bathtub commercials. Finally, Levitra is the newest of the three. Simply take a pill and problem solved.

These pills will improve blood flow, which is the key to maintaining an erection. The incredible sales figures point to their efficacy. The fact that you’re here means you’ve probably heard about these pills and are looking for a solution. Congrats on taking that first step. Erectile Dysfunction is not uncommon nowadays, more and more men are being diagnosed with this condition and it matters that you educate yourself and start exploring different treatments. Appreciate what you are doing to manage it. It is your responsibility to help yourself and change your life into something that you want it to be.

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