EDPill.net is committed to making sure that everyone can get the treatment they need without breaking the bank. For us, the choice was simple: Go Generic. Why? Because generic ED pills cost less, and offer the same benefits. It’s a no brainer.

Still, some customers worry about what they’re getting. That’s perfectly understandable. Generic ED pills have not always been reliable. However, we make quality our top priority. So we’d like to dispel some of the myths that persist about generic ED pills.

Generic ED Pills Myth #1: Generics are inferior to the brand name

Typically, when you think of generic anything you hesitate. When you go to the supermarket you usually find the store brand next to the brand name product. And experience has taught you that the store brand just isn’t as good. Nobody is going to argue that generic “toaster pastries” are superior to Pop-Tarts.

But that experience just doesn’t apply to medicine. Pharmaceuticals are a completely different business.

Going back to the supermarket analogy, if you look at the nutritional contents, the two products are usually identical, or close to it. The same goes for generic ED pills. Since the US is one of the largest markets for medicine in the world, many generics end up there. Therefore, they must comply with FDA regulations. And the FDA insists that generic ED pills, or really generics of any kind, have at least 85% of the active ingredient. So if Viagra advertises a pill with 50mg, it must have 50mg. But generic sildenafil could be as little as 42.5mg in the same pill. By law, it can’t be less.

Why does the US law matter? Because it’s the ideal export destination since prices there are higher. If you manufacturer a generic pill, you’re going to make it conform to those standards so that you can sell to the US for a better profit.

But it doesn’t end there! The 85% rule also goes the other way: You can have up to 115% of the active ingredient in the pill. So it’s possible your generic ED pills actually have MORE than the brand name. Not bad, eh?

Generic ED Pills Myth #2: Generics have other harmful ingredients added to them

Nope. A pill can only have the active ingredients listed in the patent. You can’t just throw in something else that would react with the brain or body.

Generics do tend to cut costs with the non-active ingredients. Those include binders that hold the pill together, or inert ingredients that help fill it out. Without those, the pill might be too tiny to pick up! However, aside from a possibly bitter taste, there’s no risk of damage from those ingredients.

Generic ED Pills Myth #3: Generics have more side effects

Another myth busted. Side effects are entirely dependent on the active ingredient. Nothing else is going to have any effect on your body. Don’t think that buying a brand name pill will make side effects disappear.

Generic ED Pills Myth #4: Generics could be a scam

Okay, this one could be partially true. However, a careful consumer would catch the crooks. Before Viagra’s patent expired, generics weren’t even legal yet. That didn’t stop some people from advertising generic Viagra. Those scammers did in fact rip off quite a few people. They often sold completely fake pills with sugar. Sometimes they had other active ingredients that could cause an erection, but were unreliable or downright dangerous.

Now that the patents have expired, that’s no longer the case. Generics can be produced legally around the world, and it’s much better for long-term business to make the real thing.

Besides, we are constantly trying to find the best sources of pills. Our suppliers provide us with mass spectrometry scans which ensure that the active ingredient is what they claim it to be. The laboratories are well-known and registered in their respective countries. Basically, our products are legit.

Generic ED Pills Fact #1: They’re cheap and effective

What makes generic ED pills so incredibly cheap? Well, the high price that you pay for the brand name isn’t really paying for the pill itself. Pills are dirt cheap to make. Literally pennies per pill.

But the research and marketing that goes into the pill? That’s expensive. A pharmaceutical company might whiff on 10 products before one works out. So they overcharge for that one in order to subsidize the others that failed.

With generics, you don’t pay for any of that. Just the pill and shipping. That means big savings. Let somebody else make Big Pharma bigger, you just worry about yourself.

We hope that clears up some of the confusion and gives you the confidence to take action about your ED. With generic ED pills, you can have the cure you need at a price you can afford!

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