I. Payment Options:

2 – Google Wallet (available for US and UK customers) upon request. No need for a Google account.
3- COD (available for US addresses)

II. Shipping Information

Shipping Type Price in USD Delivery Days
Reg Mail (USA) 10 12 -21 days
Reg Mail (Rest of World) 12 18 -25 days
Express (USA) 26 7 to 10 Days
Express (Rest Of World) 31 7 to 10 Days
Shipping Type
Reg Mail – Regular Mail (also known as Reg Mail) takes 12-21 working days for delivery to USA and 18-25 day for delivery to other countries.
EMS – Express Shipping (also known as EMS) takes 7-10 working days for delivery to USA and other countries
Maximum Pills Per Parcel Number of Jellies Per Parcel
200 Pills (250 gms) 30 Sachets (250 gms)
Maximum Pills/Jelly Per Parcel (Shipment)
Maximum Pills or Jelly which can be packed in one Parcel (Shipment) to ensure it reaches safely to customer without being stuck in destination country customs


We do not recommend sending more than 200-250 pills in one parcel as the chance of shipment getting stuck in destination customs are much higher. This analysis is done based on over 800,000 shipment which has been sent by us globally in past 2 years.

We do not ship to Canada from India as most of the shipments gets confiscated in Canadian customs. It is hence recommended not to take any orders of Canada country, the only other option would be to ask customer for alternative USA address if he is from Canada and then ship it to USA address.

We offer full re-ship or refund if order does not arrive for any reason.