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How to take Vardenafil?

• The packages come with a little book of instructions. Don’t just throw them out, you might learn something.
• Vardenafil is supposed to be taken an hour before having sex. It’s NOT for daily use.
• Start with a 10mg dose, and if you find it’s not effective you can move up to 20mg. If the side effects bother you too much, try 5mg.
• If you have been given orodispersible tablets, place one tablet on your tongue and allow it to dissolve before you swallow. Do not take the tablet with anything to drink.
• Do not take more than one dose of vardenafil in any 24-hour period.


Make the most of your Dose

• Vardenafil doesn’t give you magic instant erections. Engage in foreplay as you normally would and it’ll happen.
• While it’s safe to drink alcohol with vardenafil, we don’t recommend it. Alcohol doesn’t have a great history of helping erections.
• Don’t drink grapefruit juice before your dose. It can amplify side effects.
• If vardenafil doesn’t work for you at first, try another dosage, or another ED pill.
• You should not take vardenafil if you are using any other products or taking any other medicines to treat erectile dysfunction.

What are the possible side effects?

Levitra has blown up in popularity because it has so few side effects. It’s probably the easiest of the three ED pills in that regard.

However, like the rest, it’s possible that it could cause headaches. Some people also experience indigestion or nausea. Despite the common side effects, the frequency is lower than the other ED pills.

Important: If your erection lasts for several hours and won’t go away, or if you get chest pains or a sudden loss of vision, contact a doctor for medical attention straightaway. If you experience any other symptoms which you think may be due to the tablets, speak with your doctor or pharmacist for further advice.

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